Mazamas Summer Climb Schedule

Restriction codes

Most Mazamas climbs are open to anyone who applies. Some leaders prefer to restrict their climbs in some manner. These “restriction codes” are listed below:

  • (+) Indicates there is a pack-in to base camp (not car-to car in one day)
  • (R) Relaxed Pace
  • (E) Exploratory - Indicates the leader has not previously climbed this route
  • (F) Family climb - kid friendly at a moderate pace
  • (H) Hike to the Summit - nonmembers given preference on a glaciated peak climb
  • (L) Linked Climbs - climbers must apply for two or more climbs from the same base camp on the same trip.
  • (A) Adjacent Climbs - climbers may apply for two or more climbs located in a similar area.
  • (S) Ski Mountaineering climb - backcountry ski or snowboard gear required
  • (Y) 20s&30s Mazamas - for those young or young at heart.

Climb Grades

Mazamas climbs are graded to indicate approximate experience and/or ability levels required. You can think of the grades as approximately: A/B = beginner, B/C = intermediate, C/D = intermediate/advanced, and D/E = advanced

The grades are:

  • A - May require off-trail hiking, ice axe and crampon use on moderately steep slopes, and self-arrest. (examples: Mt. St. Helens, Mt Adams)
  • B - Same as “A” level, as well as glacier travel, and roped climbing. (examples: Mt. Hood South Side, Middle Sister)
  • C - Same as “B” level, as well as crevasse rescue skills, belaying, rappelling, and low 5th class rock climbing. (examples: DC and Emmons on Mt. Rainier, Mt Washington in Oregon)
  • D - Same as “C” level except on steep snow slopes, glacier travel and crevasse rescue, self-arrest, belaying, rappelling and 5th class rock climbing. (examples: West Ridge of Mt. Stuart, Mt Hood, Sandy Glacier Headwall)
  • E -Multi-pitch technical routes same as “D”, with high degree of self-sufficiency and proficiency using technical skills under high exposure, sharing high angle leads, setting protection and anchors. (examples: North ridge of Mt. Stuart, Beckey Route, Liberty Bell)